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If you are wondering why your system is being attacked repeatedly, then the very first think to do is to install Norton antivirus. There are many antivirus software in the market, but Norton is the best that has made the major impact on user’s systems. However, to use the antivirus, you need the setup key, which you will get from the There are two ways to buy the setup online and retail store. Manufactured by Symantec, you can get the Product Activation Keys in the form of retail card. You can scratch the Norton retail card to see the product activation key and go to the website Than type the information to download, setup and install the Norton software on the system.

About Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is designed to maintain complete online security of the system. The software provides the security to your data against different malware. If you visit any harmful websites, then it is the possibility that your system becomes infected. It scans the folders and removes any suspicious or infected file from the system.

Downloading Norton Setup on the System

You can easily download the Norton Setup on the system to avoid any malware websites attacking the system. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Visit and get into the sign in option
  • Type all the details required in the signing process.
  • In case you do not have Norton account then make a new one.
  • Press the “Create a new account” button.
  • Go through the process to make a Norton account.
  • “Log In” to the Norton account to download any Norton product on your system.
  • Open “Norton Setup” webpage.
  • Press “I have a product key to enter the key code” option.
  • If you had purchased the Norton product key from any store then go through the instruction:
  • The Norton product key is not inside the cover, and you will get the code on the backside of the cover.
  • Tap “Get Started” option, in case you like to register for “Automatic Renewal” services.
  • Skip the above step in case you do not want to register.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions to download Norton.
  • Press “Agree.”
  • Click “Download” button to begin the download process of Norton.
  • Type the product key provided on your registered email ID in the given section.

Installing Norton Antivirus on Windows

  • If you already have an antivirus, then uninstall it before installing the Norton
  • Download the genuine and latest version of Norton Antivirus from the official site
  • Enter the product key, which is a 25-digit key
  • Continue with the default setting by selecting the NEXT option
  • Norton setup with product key can be activated by going to Norton settings
  • Finally, the setup is installed

Installing Norton Antivirus on Mac iOS

  • Visit and sign up for the Norton account
  • Enter 25 digit Norton product key and click ENTER
  • Once the activation done, go to your Norton account and select your product option under services i.e. Norton360, Norton security, Norton internet security, Norton security deluxe, Norton Antivirus, Norton security standard etc.
  • Download the product for Mac and install
  • Check the firewall settings and update your operating system

How to get Norton Antivirus on the Android devices?

  • Log into the Norton and enter the email ID to get the protected password
  • Click the “Download Norton” option given in the Norton Setup page at
  • In the “Download Norton Security” given in the Google Play, click “Download Now” button.
  • The menu of the Play Store will get open on your phone screen.
  • Press the “Install” button.
  • After that, click “Accept” to install the application on your Android device.
  • Check the Norton terms and conditions, and then press the “Agree and Launch” button.
  • Click the “Menu” symbol on the left side of your Android screen.
  • Enter the Norton account email ID and a protected password.
  • Click “Sign In” option.

Reason to install Norton Antivirus

Norton Setup is important for those who want to install the antivirus. Our systems are prone to virus attacks. Once the virus attacks the system, it can damage computers effecting all your data. Once you install the Norton Setup, you are confident that your system is safe.

Systems required installing the Norton Setup

You can install the Norton Antivirus on windows, mac, Linux, or any other operating system to give security and protection against system viruses.

  • Processor: for windows, you need a processor of 10/8/7:1Ghz
  • Ram: for windows, you need a RAM of 10:3 GB (recovery tool requires a minimum of 512MB RAM)
  • For Windows 8/7: 1GB (32 bit) or 2GB (64 bit) (minimum of 512MB RAM required for recovery tool)
  • Hard disk space: 300MB of available hard disk space

Calling the Expert

In case, if you find any issues while installing Norton Setup or running features, then you can call us. Our experts are available to help you in real time. Right from installation to running the feature, our experts will help you in all steps.

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